When you combine all of these elements (mud, an obstacle course, and fun) what could really go wrong. Wish this was around when I was in shape.

Thousands of eager competitors came out once again to the E.A Cummings Center in Genesee County this past Saturday to take part in the yearly challenge of the Warrior Dash.

If you are not quite sure what the Warrior Dash is, well it's a four-mile obstacle course that has people crawling on their backs through the mud, jumping in the water along with climbing up hills and a little bit of running involved. Sort of an outdoor style America ninja warrior course that you see on TV. But this course is all about having fun and getting dirty. Some of my friends have taken part in past Warrior dashes and have had a blast doing it.

But it does look like a lot of fun to do. Check out the website for other upcoming events or to register for next years dash. WWW.Warriordash.com

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