Michigan medical marijuana patients that have been fired from their jobs for testing positive for weed are entitled to unemployment benefits, no question about it, according to the state’s Supreme Court.

Last week, the Michigan Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by the Unemployment Insurance Agency in a case involving workers being fired from their jobs because medical marijuana caused them to fail a drug test.

In refusing to hear the appeal, the state’s highest court maintained a previous verdict, which asserts that anyone fired for this reason should not be disqualified from receiving unemployment pay.

"Claimants tested positive for marijuana and would ordinarily have been disqualified for unemployment benefits under MESA (Michigan Employment Security Act), however, because there was no evidence to suggest that the positive drug tests were caused by anything other than claimants' use of medical marijuana in accordance with the terms of the MMMA (Michigan Medical Marijuana Act), the denial of the benefits constituted an improper penalty for the medical use of marijuana under the MMMA," according to the 2014 verdict.

So, if you are a medical marijuana patient that has been fired for testing positive for weed in the workplace, be sure to file for unemployment.