Patients Can Get Unemployment
Michigan medical marijuana patients who have been fired from a job for failing a drug test can still receive unemployment benefits, according to a verdict handed down last week by a state court of appeals.
5 Classic Flint Jobs That No Longer Exist
As a city, we have seen more than our fair share of major employers leave the area without even looking back. Join us on this guided tour through five jobs you can bet your ass that you won't be hired to do in Flint, Michigan these days...
Man Cuts Off His Own Foot to Avoid Job
Not only did this clown use a saw to cut his foot off, he then threw the severed foot into a furnace!  Why? To avoid a job. Good plan a-hole!
MSNBC is reporting that hours prior to the cutting, unemployment officials were deciding if  Austrian Hans Url, 56, was physically fit for work. …