Not only did this clown use a saw to cut his foot off, he then threw the severed foot into a furnace!  Why? To avoid a job. Good plan a-hole!

MSNBC is reporting that hours prior to the cutting, unemployment officials were deciding if  Austrian Hans Url, 56, was physically fit for work.  I am guessing physically he could still work, it's his mental state that I would be worried about.

Actual Furnace

Reports indicate Url cut his left foot off at the ankle with an electric saw.  He then put the foot into a furnace to make sure it could not be reattached.  Well, that part of his stupid plan did work, because doctors could not save the burned foot.




Spokesman for the unemployment agency, Hermann Gossinger said, quote:

“This is a tragic case but it will not help the man. He will be assessed once he is out of hospital and we will see what work we can find for him.”

Like I said earlier, good plan a-hole!

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