If you are receiving unemployment in Michigan, you will soon have to prove to the state that you are indeed looking for work.

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If you thought proof of job searching was already part and or condition of unemployment, I did too - and it was prior to the pandemic. Now a little over a year later it will be reinstated.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the work search requirement goes into effect at the end of May 2021. Anyone receiving unemployment assistance will have to show proof that they applied for a minimum of two jobs every week. Below are the steps you will have to take to do so.


If you are on any social media platform, chances are you have seen countless 'Help Wanted' posts - I know I have. I saw a Facebook post recently from Timothy's Pub in Flint. The post was put up to inform customers that their kitchen would not be open that particular day due to lack of help and or staff. Timothy's Pub is not alone, I have heard the same thing from other people I know that work in the service industry.

As a matter of fact just last month I wrote about good help being hard to find for area restaurants. I received a lot of feedback on it, from both sides. People were fired up about the fact that 'no one wants to work anymore', and others were fired up over 'low wages' and 'crummy bosses'.

For additional information on Michigan's proof of work search, click here.

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