T-Shirt Tuesday returns to Clio on June 5th at Metro PCS. Stop by for the live broadcast as Chris Monroe gives away a brand new Banana t-shirt every five minutes.

Join me, Chris Monroe, as I broadcast live from 4 pm until 6 pm to win a new Banana t-shirt every five minutes. These t-shirts are a brand new design. On the front, they have the Banana logo you we all know and love. On the back, it simply reads "This is my Tuesday Shirt." If you need a new Banana t-shirt, stop by and win one.

If you are looking at switch cell service providers, Metro PCS can hook you up. They are offering you four lines of unlimited LTE date for just $100 per month, period. Get your cell bills taken care of and walk out with a new Banana t-shirt.

Metro PCS is on Vienna Road, just west of I-75 in Clio.


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