7th Annual Pet Fest Happening In Grand Blanc
Some people consider their pets to be a part of their family, but many animals meet their end looking for a new home, waiting for someone to adopt them.  Check out the details on the 7th annual Pet Fest in Grand Blanc and how you can help save a pet's life.
Three Guys Steal Food From 15 Lions [VIDEO]
When you think of thrill seeking, you usually think of jumping out of an airplane, driving really fast or some sort of extreme sport.  These dudes take thrill seeking to another level, watch them steal a meal from 15 feeding lions.
Beagle Paints For Charity [VIDEO]
Anyone  who has ever had a Beagle knows how special they are.  When I was a kid we had a Beagle named Robbie. I loved that dog!  MSNBC is reporting that a fellow Beagle lover has trained Beagles to paint.  The painting are then sold and all money collected goes to help other beag…
Cats On Drugs
Everybody chill out. The cats aren't on real drugs, just anesthetics . Okay, I guess anesthetics technically are a real drug, but it's not like "real" drugs.  Check out this hilarious video of these kittens who are obviously still feeling it.
Bear Cubs Form Vicious Conga Line of Death
Don't be fooled by their cuddly appearance.  Bear cubs are deadly, and in this video, you'll see how vicious they can truly become in a pack situation.  This is an extremely graphic video, not to be watched by the squeamish.
Dog Braves Traffic To Sit With Another Dog Hit By Car [VIDEO]
A dog is supposedly man's best friend, but clearly in  this video you see a dog is a dog's best friend too!  A yellow Labrador was struck on a busy highway and his BFF, a black Labrador sat right by his side.  Talk about a loyal friend!
MSNBC is reporting that the injured dog has not yet been claimed…
Elephant Uses Smart Phone
Seven year olds have smart phones, so why shouldn't elephants? Watch this pachyderm multi-tusk and actually play with a Samsung Galaxy Note.
Panda Pees On Other Panda’s Face
Some people are really into urinating on each other, but you're on the internet, so you probably already know that.  Its called Urolagnia and apparently, it's crossed over into the world of pandas.  Check these freaks out.
Brutal Battle Of Monkey Against Cat
Monkeys and cats might not sound like two of natures deadliest animals, but when wild animals are forced into confrontation, the results can be brutal. Watch these two savage beasts involved a battle that left the human bystanders stunned.

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