Far too often we find ourselves telling you about animals that are suffering and living horrific conditions. Well, here we are again.

Earlier this week the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center officials were called to a home in Oakland County where they found 100 animals living in what they called “living in highly unsanitary conditions and showing signs of illness.” Unfortunately, 16 of those animals were dead. An absolutely disgusting scene as you can imagine.

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To really help paint the picture, when officials arrived they found 82 cats, five dogs, eight ferrets, four rabbits and one bearded dragon. There were a total of nine dead cats at the home. Two others died while being transported and a couple more died overnight at the shelter. Three more had to be put down because of an infectious disease. The whole situation is disgusting and heartbreaking at the same time. The remaining animals are being taken care of at the shelter.

I can only imagine what that place smelled like, just brutal. According to WDIV, the home lacked air conditioning and airflow, so it was even hotter inside than the temperatures in the 80s outside. Just think about that, it was over 80 degrees in a home with dead animals and I'm sure urine and feces were everywhere.

I own two ferrets and if we don't keep up on their litter, the house will start to get awfully stinky really fast. So I can only imagine what a home with eight ferrets and all those other animals must smell like. Actually, I can't imagine it.

When I hear these stories I feel like the homeowner's hearts are usually in the right place but with so many animals, it all spirals out of control.

Animal control officers plan to present their findings to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Officer for review and consideration of criminal charges. Well, someone needs to be charged in this situation, that's for sure.

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