This Bitch Thinks She Is A Cat [VIDEO]
So there is a girl who thinks she is a cat. I was not qualified to tell if she is or is not, until now. I have been watching Tony LaBrie's cat all this week so not only am I a cat lady, I am pretty much an authority on cats. This bitch is no cat. This bitch is cray cray!
Cat Attack! This Feline Has Ninja Skills [VIDEO]
I am no lady and not a cat lover, but I do think this video is pretty awesome. If you are a cat lady you will most likely enjoy it too. I was once attacked by a cat and continue to be afraid of them. Not only can they steal your breath, these animals have ninja like skills. See for yourself in the v…
Cats Love Boobs, Creepy Or Cute? [VIDEO]
I do not have cats. I was attacked by a cat many years ago. The feline that attacked me did not go for my rack, he actually attacked my back. I am talking all four paws digging into my back. These cats however prefer boobs. Not going to lie, I find some of these images creepy. You?

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