Cooking Hostile = Best Video Ever
If you've ever asked yourself, "When will someone rework a bunch of Pantera Classics to make them food-oriented and put Animated Phil Anselmo in a cooking show?" We finally have an answer for you -- today! See the most brutal cooking show ever -- 'Cooking Hostile' --…
Sexy Pizza Making Video Will Make Your Dough Rise [VIDEO]
If you're like me and not very handy around the kitchen, then this "how to make pizza video" is for you. If you don't care how to make pizza from scratch but you love hot chicks, then this video is for you. This is the sexiest pizza making I have ever seen in my life and …
Kitchen Hotties [PHOTOS]
Thank you for putting together such a fine gallery of photos featuring "Hotties in The Kitchen". This makes me want to go home and bake a pie...yeah, bake a pie.