A 10 year-old Michigan boy will be competing tonight in the 9th season of the Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship.” He's one of a dozen kids that are competing to win the grand parize of $25,000.

Nemo Tsai is a 6th grader at Forsythe Middle School in Ann Arbor. According to MLive, he has been working at his family’s Japanese restaurant and Asian Market, Godaiko and Tsai Grocery for as long as he can remember.

Nemo Tsai:

I started working at the restaurant when I was seven, but before that I was working at the Asian market next door. My favorite thing to make it cake. Whenever I get a chance to slip bacon into my baking, I do because I love it. My signature cake is a buttermilk candy bacon cake. It’s so good. I also love to make chocolate cake with caramel in the middle.

As much as this little dude loves to cook, it's golf that is his true passion. Not only does he love to play, but he's pretty badass too. Apparently, he's ranked #2 in the world in his age division.

Golf is my favorite sport. I used to play tennis because my family played that a lot, but I didn’t really like it. From the start I really loved golf. I think I’m ranked number 2 in the world right now in my age division. After school, I go to golf practice everyday and after that I go to the restaurant and help my family bake.

Look for Nemo Tsai tonight on The Food Network starting at 9pm.

This 10 year old kid is baking things on national tv that most of us could only dream of. And to think, I was impressed when my 15 year old made a grilled cheese for the first time last week. We set the bar real low in the LaBrie household.

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