Tough Kid Tries To Fight Robbers In Video Game Store [VIDEO]
This little guy is a badass! While in a video game store shopping for a new game, a couple masked men walk in and begin to rob them. The first guy goes straight to the counter, the other gathers everyone in the store and puts them on the floor. This little guy though wasn't going quietly. The l…
Eight-Year-Old Kid Takes Moms Gun, Robs Store [VIDEO]
The world is getting crazier each and every day. This little kid in Florida decided to rob a store. First, he took his mom's gun from her purse, which she is an idiot for keeping it there. Second, he took off on his bike and tried to rob a local grocery store. The clerks quickly over powered hi…
Kid Tastes Bacon For First Time #ADDICTED [VIDEO]
I do not know anyone who does not like bacon. I don't eat meat very often (insert joke here), but I do enjoy turkey bacon from time to time. Watch as this little cutie pie tries bacon for the very first time. Clearly he is hooked. He can thank his parents later in life for his clogged arteries!
Toddler Learns The F— Word And Uses It A Lot [VIDEO]
Things have changed since I was growing up. If I had done this in my home, I would've gotten the business end of a bible upside the head. This little guy is just being filmed by his parents as he runs around the house. He knocks on each door and then says "Oh, f---." What do h…
Kid Sucker Punches Older Guy, Quick Brawl Erupts [VIDEO]
There is a lot of yelling and screaming in this one so it's tough to know exactly who is at fault. However, if you ever decide to call someone on their countdown, be ready to take a punch. Also, if you are going to swing on an adult, fight like an adult. Don't start yelling about being a k…
Punk Kid Destroys Dollar Store [VIDEO]
What the hell is wrong with kids these days. Had I done something like this when I was growing up, I would've had my ass beat. This kid just goes crazy and knocks things off the shelves until final someone stepped in and took him outside to wait for the cops. Where were his parents?

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