Russian Women Looking for American Men Dating Video Compilation
Let's be real, American chicks get old.  Since they have been living in America for their entire lives, women think they are entitled to the finer things in life, like a new car, the Iphone 5 and a husband who is good looking, helpful and attentive in bed.  Russian women have none of …
How a ‘Lady’ Gets Ready for a Date (NSFW)
Have you ever wondered what a girl does before a date to get ready? Jenna Marbles -- a popular YouTuber -- has the inside scoop for you. This video is directed towards girls who don't know what to do when getting ready to go out on that ever important date.
Superhero Dating Site [VIDEO]
Don't get me wrong, I love superheros.  But these people really love superheros.  And apparently, the superheros love them too.  It probably would be hard to meet somebody if you were an alien or mutant.  That's why there is