If you have been feeling alone lately because you are not in a relationship, don't. You are not alone. There are so many other single people in this world, that there is a day dedicated just for you. Tomorrow, Saturday, September 26th is 'National Singles Day'

There is no reason for you to be alone. Hit up your friends, and celebrate tomorrow. Grab dinner and drinks, have a house party, or even a bonfire since the weather will be so nice. Who knows, if you do head out - maybe you will even meet someone?

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You don't even have to go out to meet people, you know that. Get your ass on some dating sites IF you are ready to take the plunge. You might not be. There is nothing wrong with being single. I am sure there are plenty of people in relationships that would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Happily ever after, does not always mean happily ever after.

Just think about all of the positives of being single, here are a few that come to mind,

  • You can do whatever you want.
  • Your money is your money.
  • You can watch whatever you want, when you want too.
  • You don't have to answer to anyone.
  • You know when you put your leftovers in the fridge, they will still be there in the morning.
  • No one cares if your underwear are on the bathroom floor - for days.

I think you get it. Being single sounds pretty damn good. I'm out, I have to go break up with my boyfriend Nick now. Just kidding. Enjoy your special days singles.

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