What Not To Say To Women
No matter how smooth you think you are with the ladies, something dumb will always comes out of your mouth. This YouTuber throws everything you should never say to women into one funny video. Guys, when she says "does this make me look fat?"...Always say no. This question has haunt…
Men Who Cheat More Likely To Fracture Penis
Talk about a job you get "dicked" around at!  A doctor at the University of  Maryland Medical Center has recently completed a study on 16 cases of penile fractures.  The study concluded that half of the men admitted to fracturing their penises when they were cheating…
Woman Whips Bible At Son’s Girlfriend
I have always heard that "the Lord works in mysterious ways", but this might be stretching it.  A Florida woman used her bible as a weapon against her son's girlfriend.  The bible thumping mother is accused of throwing the good book at her during an argument.

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