Punk Kid Destroys Dollar Store [VIDEO]
What the hell is wrong with kids these days. Had I done something like this when I was growing up, I would've had my ass beat. This kid just goes crazy and knocks things off the shelves until final someone stepped in and took him outside to wait for the cops. Where were his parents?
Punk Ass Kids Cause Chaos In Stores
Even when I was a teenager, I hated teenagers.   I'm not trying to sound like a bitter old man, but teenagers think that because they have high school figured out, the rest of the world is theirs to take.  I don't want to give these kids any more attention, but once you see …
The 12 Craziest Psycho Girlfriends Ever [VIDEOS]
Are you ready for this? I've dated some crazy chicks in my past, but nothing that comes even kind of close to these insane women. If you're unhappy in your current relationship, just think, it could be a LOT worse. Here are the 12 most psychotic women on the internet.