Red Cross Facing Critical Blood Shortage
The American Red Cross is facing a critical blood shortage and is looking for your help. With being in the middle of a rough winter and the flu season, many donors canceled their appointments which caused this shortage.
Michigan Masons Donate $100,000 To Flint [VIDEO]
Looks like Flint will be receiving another donation from the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. This money will be used to help children affected by the water crisis in both the short and long term. From medical costs to healthy food and more.
Local Mail Carriers Collect Food To Stamp Out Hunger
It's no secret that times are tough in Genesee County. But as a community we can make a difference, and mail carriers across the county are helping you do your part. The program that has donated over 1 billion pounds of food, Stamp Out Hunger, is holding it's annual food drive this Saturd…

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