Facebook Hiring Video Screeners
Well, it looks like Facebook will be hiring another 3,000 people to help review videos of crime and suicide. They already hired 4,500 for this same job but apparently that's not enough to handle the massive task load.
Facebook Eyes Original Series Content for Video Tabs
There’s no one definition to “TV” anymore, considering half of our most-watched series are easily binged on a phone. Great shows can come from unorthodox places, and Facebook might be getting ready to stretch that definition further with its own line of original and scripted con…
Facebook Tried to Card Me
Last Friday I logged into my Facebook page to learn that someone had reported me for not using my "real name" on my profile. What seemed like a minor annoyance at first turned into a huge pain in the ass that had me locked out of my profile for the first time in seven yea…
Be A Facebook Hero Today
Better hurry up and paste this status to your wall, otherwise Zuckerberg and Obama are going to come and put you in a FEMA camp, where aliens will experiment on you.
#OnlyInFlint Shows a Lot of WTF
If nothing else, living in Flint is unique and can be quite entertaining. Nothing really speaks to that point as well as the hashtag #OnlyInFlint does though. See for yourself.
Will You Pay Flint's Bills?
The Flint water crisis has been a long, complex web of failure and miscommunication that has been extremely frustrating for the community to say the least... and that's before you factor in all these uninformed jackasses who constantly say things like "I'm not paying Flint&ap…
MI Woman's FB Comments = 2 yrs?
A Bay City woman may become the poster child for watching what you post on Facebook, as her insulting comments about another woman may see her slapped with a two year prison term.

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