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Lapeer Family To Appear On ‘Family Feud’ Tonight
Say hello to the Brooks family America. The family from Lapeer, will be appearing on an episode of 'Family Feud' this evening, Wednesday, February 10th at 5:30 PM on FOX 66.
The episode was taped in August, and according to David Brooks, it is much easier to play the game from your living r…
Dad’s Family Feud Answer Creeps Out Family [VIDEO]
Christ on a cracker, do the writers on 'Family Feud' write these questions on purpose? As in purposely looking for sexual answers? Just last week I posted a video about a weird 'finger' answer on the show, and now here is another one. Watch as this Dad creeps out his family with …
Best Family Feud Answer Ever
Gene just became one of my heroes. During a round of Family Feud, the question was "name something that has to be licked." Gene is just an old school pimp and gave one of the best answers ever in the game. He owned every minute of it.
Family Feud Survey Says ‘His Schlong’
Family Feud is one of those shows that has been on TV forever. And it seems like The Feud has recently been trying to reach a younger, edgier demographic. Watch the hilarious reactions when "schlong" ends up as an answer on the game show.