The Pattersons are so unbelievably bad at 'Family Feud' that Steve Harvey, literally, can't even.

Like, they've-never-seen-the-show-before bad. Like, they-gave-the-same-wrong-answer-seven-times-in-a-row-and-didn't-understand-why-the-host-and-audience-were-laughing-so-hard bad. Like, how-did-they-even-make-it-all-these-years-without-accidentally-walking-off-a-cliff bad. To put it mildly, this family should never be allowed to play any games ever again, let alone on national TV. I've seen Brendan Dassey field questions more effectively.

Despite all of their confusion of how the show, the English language, and, based on their answers, the world at large works -- the Pattersons still won. I'm not sure how, but they bested the other family and made it to Fast Money, which went about as well as the rest of their performance.

You can see the unedited version of the most frustrating segment above, in which a dumbfounded Steve Harvey swears to the audience multiple times in disbelief because he knows the already-way-too-long segment has to be heavily edited anyway, and several other embarrassing segments below.