Kyle Busch Hits Woman When Returning To The Pit [VIDEO]
How in the hell did this chick not see or hear this big ass yellow race car coming her way? On the other hand, I've never been down in the pits so I don't know how it works. I do know that I would be looking in all directions because I don't want to catch the business end of one of th…
U of M Fan Cries Like a Baby
While we can certainly appreciate an emotionally charged game, the man crying his ass off in this video after Michigan lost over the weekend may want to seek psychiatric help.
Utah Fan Caught Sniffing Her Armpit On Live TV [VIDEO]
I am not sure what is more impressive in this clip. The fact that they caught that on tape and were filming the right thing at the right time or the commentating in the video. "Gotcha bitch!" really makes this video so much better. Enjoy this six seconds of awesomeness.
Dave Grohl Lets Fan Play Drums During Concert [VIDEO]
Here is yet another example to prove that Dave Grohl is the nicest rock stars ever. During a recent concert, Dave decided to let a fan in the front row play drums on "Big Me." Even though there was a ton of pressure on this guy, he played really well. I'm pretty sure I would c…
Soccer Fan Kicks Player In Spine During Interview [VIDEO]
Soccer really does have the craziest fans. Watch as this player is being interviewed after a game when the crazy fan attacks. The player is focused on the question when the lunatic comes up from behind and plants his foot right in his spine. The player almost folds in half and goes down hard.
Ohio State Coach Tackles Fan That Runs On Field [VIDEO]
Normally, I have nothing good to say about Ohio State so enjoy this Buckeyes. During a recent game the Ohio State assistant strength coach, Anthony Schlegel, took on a fan on the field. The student ran onto the field during a play, and Coach Schlegel took matters into his own hands to take back the …

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