Delta Gives Us Internet Meme Overdose In Flight Safety Video
I am not a fan of flying. However, driving to Florida or Las Vegas sounds even more painful. So yes, I face my fears and fly. More often than not, flight attendants go over airplane safety. Some airlines offer a video presentation. Delta is one airline that does. Sit back, adjust your tray and enjoy every popular internet meme the airline could pack into their flight safety video.
Man Flies On Bird Like Wings
Man has dreamed about flying since the dawn of time.  Man has also dreamed about boobs, but we've always been able to get those.  Flying is a different story.  That is, until now.
Dude Goes Flying With His Hawk
I think pets kinda suck.  Talking your dog for a walk seems like more of a hassle than it's worth.  But taking your pet hawk for a fly seems like much more fun.  Check out what some rich dude does with his money.