Homeless Valedictorian Is An Inspiration [VIDEO]
Griffin Furlong is truly an inspiration. Griffin lost his mother to cancer when he was only 6-years-old and has been in and out of homeless shelters for most of his life. Somehow he managed to not miss one day of school and was actually named class valedictorian.
Homeless Man is Surprised With a New Home [VIDEO]
A while back this homeless man was tricked into thinking he won the lottery and because he was so generous and wanted to share the money, the story went viral. People from around the world started asking how they could help this nice man, so a fundraiser was started where over $40,000 was raised...
Man Pretending to be Homeless is Exposed [VIDEO]
Jack Vale is normally known for his humor and prank videos but there is nothing funny about this video. Vale had heard that this man on the street was not only faking to be homeless but also drove a nice car and had a nice home. To prove this, they followed the man home and confronted him.
Homeless Man Moves People to Tears With Piano Playing [VIDEO]
If you close your eyes and listen to David Allen Welsh play piano, you would think you are listening to a classically trained pianist. That is not the case. Welsh is actually a homeless man from Vancouver, Washington who has never taken a lesson, nor can he read music, but he can play the piano beau…
hobo wins 50K, stays homeless
A dude in Illinois who has been homeless for almost 35 years got his chance to move out of his tent and into a real home after winning 50 Gs on a scratch off lottery ticket. But he say's he's not moving, nor is going to keep all of the money.
Homeless Couple Arrested For Public Sex
Horny and homeless! Jonathon Price, 41, and Shannon McClung, 38 may not be the most attractive couple, but they certainly draw a crowd!  The homeless couple were recently arrested for having sex on a public stage in Connecticut.
Greatest Homeless Sign Ever [VIDEO]
I'm not saying you have to like the homeless, but you've got to admire them.  Okay maybe you don't have to admire them, but this bum showed some ingenuity with this sign.
We Need This Man!
Yo, I'm not trying to tell Uncle Tony LaWifeSwap how to run the Banana, but even if it means I get fired, we need to hire this dude.  It's hard to believe, but one of the great radio talents in the world is a bum!  Check the video out.