The Shelter of Flint is known for the great work that it does in the community and for the very real homeless problem in the Flint area.  Check out how you can get involved in their Mother's Day Fundraiser.

Being a parent is tough enough, but to having to do it homeless seems unimaginable.  But for far to many families in Michigan, homelessness is all too real.  The Shelter Of Flint has been working in the community, trying to give not only a temporary roof to homeless families and women, but also trying to give them an opportunity and help  to find permanent housing.


The Shelter has started a Mother's Day fundraiser, sending out hand made Mother's Day as thanks.  People can make a donation of any amount to The Shelter in honor a mother, who will receive a card, showing that a donation was made to help with the local homeless.

Donations will go to the many expenses that come with running The Shelter, including maintenance of their facility, programs to help find women find employment, and other services The Shelter offers.

If you're interested in details or how you can help, check out The Shelter online, like them on facebook or call them at 810-238-4711.