Kate Upton

Upton & JV -- Prestige Worldwide
If you have not watched the movie 'Step Brothers' you need to ASAP. I love the movie so much and quote it quite often. For instance, "Did we just become best friends?" I say at least three times a month. Apparently Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are fans too. Check out t…
See Kate Upton's "Lady Locker"
Well gentleman and some ladies too, today is your lucky day. If you are infatuated with model Kate Upton (like Tony LaBrie is), then you are really going to enjoy a picture of the bathing suit beauty that 'Sports Illustrated' has just released. I am talking painted vagina, no airbrushing.
Kate Upton+Body Paint=Win
This really is the closest we will get to see Kate Upton in the raw and I've been waiting a very long time. I'm mean she really is naked here, wearing nothing but body paint to cover up her God given parts. Thank you to Sports Illustrated for releasing this 2011 body-paint photo shoot vide…

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