Lego Sculpture Exhibition Coming to Michigan
We may have found the perfect way to get your kids, or your inner kid, to love going to a museum.
If you looking for a great family outing, taking in a day a unbelievable Lego sculptures may be just the ticket. The Grand Rapids Public Museum will play host to one of the most incredible exhibitions ar…
Amputee Makes Prostetic Leg With Legos [VIDEO]
I'm sure this chick has already picked up the nickname Lego Leg and well ya gotta admit, it's pretty fitting. Watch as this amputee creates a brand new leg out of nothing but legos. Apparently someone at the her research lab jokingly to told her to do it and that's exactly what she di…
LEGO Dark Knight Rises
If you thought 'The Dark Knight Rises' was awesome -- Hell, even if you didn't -- wait until you see it rebuilt with LEGOs and recreated right down to the tiniest detail.
Working LEGO UMP 45 [VIDEO]
When I was a kid the only thing I did with Legos was throw them at my brother.  I didn't have the patience or the planning skills to make a house, let alone a fully functional weapon of war.
Awesome Christmas Idea
I'm more then willing to bet you haven't done your Christmas shopping.  Who would have guessed that Legos might be the answer to your problems.