If you thought 'The Dark Knight Rises' was awesome -- Hell, even if you didn't -- wait until you see it rebuilt with LEGOs and recreated right down to the tiniest detail.

Anyone adult who has been around kids who don't take care of LEGOs can attest to the fact that they are perhaps the most painful thing you can step on without shoes. In our house, we've actually put them up until our kids can learn to clean them up on their own. After watching this awesome LEGO version of 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer, we're seriously considering getting the off of the top shelf in the closet.

We imagine someone along the way told the dude behind ParanickFilmz that he'd never get anywhere playing with LEGOs. Well, those folks can suck it, because this trailer is the poop! This isn't the creator's first rodeo, but it is certainly a masterful work of art and patience (according to Reddit it took several months to put together). The original trailer was duplicated right down to the smallest detail, although LEGO Catwoman's ass doesn't do Anne Hathaway's justice.

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