Chris Pratt Pranked By Dinosaurs [VIDEO]
Although I may be the only person on the planet who has not watched the movie 'Jurassic World', I am aware it stars Chris Pratt and dinosaurs. Therefore I can appreciate this prank. Watch as Pratt is surprised by some pretty kick ass dinosaurs!
This Is Why Mom Doesn’t Love You [VIDEO]
Every family has a black sheep. In this family, I would have to assume it's this guy. After sneaking up on the dude on the couch, this guy fires a gun into the air. After scaring the hell out of the other guy, the reply was great. "This is why mom doesn't f---ing love you!"
Sending A Friend Into The Wrong House Prank [VIDEO]
This one is actually pretty good. They only way it could be better is if the guy was chased with a baseball bat. This horrible friend invites his buddy over and tells him to just walk on in. His friend follows directions, but the only problem is that his friend purposely gave him the wrong address. After a few minutes, the guy bolts down the street.
Bad Parenting 101: Easter Bunny Trap Prank
There have been a lot of pranks on kids the last few years. Even Jimmy Kimmel had parents film their kids as the told them that they ate their Halloween candy. Here is quick and easy one you can pull on your kids tomorrow for April Fools Day.
Yeti Scare Prank On Ski Hill [VIDEO]
Even though this is from last year, it's still fun to watch people get scared. This guy doesn't have the best costume out there, but I guess that doesn't matter when you are flying by him on the hill. Hell, even the people getting off at the top of the lift were jumpy.
Man Pranks Wife With Balls [VIDEO]
I have loved pranks since I was a kid. Somehow I talked my sisters into trashing our house and pretending to be kidnapped when we were kids. We hid and watched as my mom freaked out. Not my best work. Maybe I should have filled the house with balls like Roman Atwood did!
Awesome Stadium Prank, Where Is Rob? [VIDEO]
Improv Everywhere has done it again with another good prank. This time they a friend named Rob that pretended to be lost at a basketball game. Although he was in on the joke, he kept popping up in different areas of the arena. Eventually the whole crowd became a part of the action.
Kid Tries To Prank Satan, Fails Miserably [VIDEO]
I love when someone tries to be a douche and fails. This guy tried to push this poor girl in the water, but she turned the tables on him. On top of that, a word to the wise, never try to prank someone with the name "Satan" on their shirt!

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