There have been a lot of pranks on kids the last few years. Even Jimmy Kimmel had parents film their kids as the told them that they ate their Halloween candy. Here is quick and easy one you can pull on your kids tomorrow for April Fools Day.

The set up is easy, I did it in my apartment in about 2 minutes. All you need is a few carrots, a box or laundry basket, something to prop it up with, and an iron stomach to watch your kids cry. Begin setting up the trap when they are moving around the house and so they see you. Once they catch on, of course they are going to ask you what you are doing. At that point, all you have to do is let them know that you are having rabbit stew for Easter dinner.

Once it sets in, they will begin to realize that you are a terrible person and that you are going to assassinate the Easter bunny. Here is where you will find the true nature of your child. Are they more worried about the bunny? Or are they worried they won't get their Easter basket filled with candy?

After your kids stop crying and your wife forgives you, you should all be able to share a laugh. If not, enjoy the awkward silence with your family at the dinner table.

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