Andrea Love Gets Pranked At The Machine Shop [VIDEO]
Some of the most fun times at the Machine Shop can be before doors even open. As some of you may know, Andrea Love also works at the Machine Shop. While preparing to sling some booze for the Mushroomhead show last night, good ole Jimi Buttcrack had some fun with the geysers.
Radio Guy Pranks Co-Host With Cursing Prank [VIDEO]
Coming from another radio guy, this is both brutal and awesome at the same time. When you accidentally say something on the air that you are not allowed to, it's the most terrifying feeling ever. I would imagine that I would freak out the same way that she did!
Testing Mom’s Reflexes By Throwing Eggs [VIDEO]
This is kind of a jerk move but I think I may start doing this to people. It seems so simple yet looks like a lot of fun. You have no choice but to react and in that split second you react and realize it's an egg, you freak out more. I may be making a parody of this video in our building here.

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