Another 'Paczki Day' is upon us...let the shenanigans begin!

Fat Tuesday is celebrated in many ways for many different people. Here at the radio station studios, 'Paczki Day' has become a traditional day of shenanigans and pranks. This tradition, of course, was started by none other than the "boy who cried wolf" herself, Maggie Meadows.

Maggie loves a good prank when it comes to all of us here in the building. She is constantly tricking people into doing things for no other reason than her own amusement. Her classic go-to prank is simply telling someone that she sees in the hallway that a boss in the building wants to see them. It never gets old because it is always fun to see those moments of awkwardness when they walk into the boss' office and say "you wanted to see me?"

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However, 'Paczki Day' is on another level because the pranks end up lasting for more than just one day. The goal of 'Paczki Day' in this office is to hide paczkis in the belongings of others to see how long it takes them to find them. In years passed, paczkis have been hidden inside and outside of cars, in golf bags, in various drawers and cupboards, and more. One year Maggie even mailed a paczki to another employee. Yep, just crammed it into an envelope and sent it on its' way.

It is an exciting day today for that reason. The only problem is that many people are not here, including Maggie, due to the snow and days off. However, where there is a will there is a way. I took the smart approach and have made a deal with the devil herself and secured and planted some paczkis according to her will as she is not here today.

Let the games begin!

Do you have any "Paczki Day" traditions?

P.S. - Pro tip: If Maggie ever finishes a statement with "and I am not kidding," RUN!

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