Testing Mom’s Reflexes By Throwing Eggs [VIDEO]
This is kind of a jerk move but I think I may start doing this to people. It seems so simple yet looks like a lot of fun. You have no choice but to react and in that split second you react and realize it's an egg, you freak out more. I may be making a parody of this video in our building here.
Eric Andre Pranks Seth Rogen On Conan [VIDEO]
This has got to be the worst prank to pull on a celebrity. While appearing on Eric Andre's show, Seth Rogen was pranked when they gave out his real cell phone number. Even though the rest of the bit that carried out on Conan was fake, the original is still pretty awesome.
Producer Joe Blasts the Airhorn on Live TV [Video]
This morning, we were talking about a meth lab that was found in a Cedar Rapids Taco Bell bathroom. But what the folks from ZZM didn't know was that Producer Joe had conspired with their producers and snuck into the building and set up the airhorn. So, right in the middle of the segment, while…
Amy Schumer Pranks Katie Couric With Sexual Text [VIDEO]
Amy Schumer is one of the funniest women out there now. At a recent event, she was hanging out with Katie Couric when she had the chance to pull a prank. At one point, Katie walked away from the table and left her phone behind. This is where the trouble and the funny begin. Check it out here.
Chris Pratt Pranked By Dinosaurs [VIDEO]
Although I may be the only person on the planet who has not watched the movie 'Jurassic World', I am aware it stars Chris Pratt and dinosaurs. Therefore I can appreciate this prank. Watch as Pratt is surprised by some pretty kick ass dinosaurs!
This Is Why Mom Doesn’t Love You [VIDEO]
Every family has a black sheep. In this family, I would have to assume it's this guy. After sneaking up on the dude on the couch, this guy fires a gun into the air. After scaring the hell out of the other guy, the reply was great. "This is why mom doesn't f---ing love you!&quo…
Sending A Friend Into The Wrong House Prank [VIDEO]
This one is actually pretty good. They only way it could be better is if the guy was chased with a baseball bat. This horrible friend invites his buddy over and tells him to just walk on in. His friend follows directions, but the only problem is that his friend purposely gave him the wrong address. …

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