We have a long, rich history of using our airhorn on this radio show. We've used it on our sister station a few times, a coworker and even when we were in Nashville back in 2013 and 2014. Most recently, we got our former intern Lurch with the airhorn while he was filling in down the hall.

Each morning, we're on TV here in Grand Rapids for a short segment with Lauren Stanton, Dan Harland and Aaron Ofseyer of WZZM 13.  This morning, we were talking about a meth lab that was found in a Cedar Rapids Taco Bell bathroom.  But what the folks from ZZM didn't know was that Producer Joe had conspired with their producers and snuck into the building and set up the airhorn. So, right in the middle of the segment, while live on TV, Joe let that thing blast!

Thanks to the ZZM crew for being such good sports about it all.  Poor Dan.  Hopefully he had a change of clothes this morning!