Man Tries To Outrun A Taser, Loses The Race [VIDEO]
Running from the cops never really works out, this isn't Grand Theft Auto. This guy decides to give it a try. Keep in mind, he could have easily outrun the cop but decided to plead with him instead. I can't believe the cop didn't let him go after "Come on cop, you can't …
The Amazing Beer Mile
These folks from Australia are all part of the 2012 Autumn classic Beer Mile. A Beer mile is a drinking game combining running and speed drinking. It all takes place on a 1/4 mile track. The race begins at the 1 mile starting line, there you chug a beer and then run a full lap around the track. Do t…
Monkey Man Is Worlds Fastest Four Legged Runner
Being a monkey would be pretty sweet, considering that you get to eat a lot of bananas, everything you do is hilarious, and if something is pissing you off, you can just throw crap at it. This dude really wanted to be a monkey, so he started walking like one.
Indiana Man’s Dream of Running From Cops Came True
Here's one for the 'dumb criminal' file; an Indiana man -- Jared Johnson, 25-years-old from Center Township Ind. -- saw opportunity knocking and answered the door; it was the cops ready for a chase.
According to the Chicagoist; Jared Johnson was riding his bicycle through Rogers Lakewo…