Guy Has Surgery, Forgets What His Wife Looks Like [VIDEO]
There's no denying that you've had one of those rough nights out at the bar where you latched on to someone (or something) less than desirable to go home with (although most of the guys reading this won't admit it). Then there's always the morning after where, in your drunken stu…
Flint Native and New Orleans Saint Mark Ingram Has Knee Surgery
When you play running back in the NFL, you're going to get banged up.  Entering his sophmore season, Flint native and New Orleans Saints' RB, Mark Ingram is a little banged up, and he's trying to get better.  Check out the details on his latest knee surgery and what it means…
Patient Set On Fire During Surgery
As if the thought of surgery isn't scary enough. An unidentified patient was set on fire at Scarborough Hospital in North Yorkshire. The Sun is reporting that the incident occurred when a solution used to clean skin was ignited. What was the solution, gasoline?