Tornado Tears Through School Bus
This is surveillance footage from inside a school bus in Henryville, Indiana, as a tornado just ripped through it on March 2nd. The tornado threw the bus into a building just seconds after all eleven kids were evacuated.
Tornado Season On The Sun
Staring at the sun goes against every animal instinct we have, but if you looked at the sun hard enough, you might have seen the recent tornado activity going on.  Natural disasters are usually bad ass enough, but when you throw the power of the sun into them, it's pretty wicked looking.
1953 Flint F5 Tornado [VIDEO]
You might not know that Flint was once a prospering metropolis.  But it was.  And you might not know that prospering metropolis was almost wiped off the face of the earth when an F5 tornado touched down in 1953.
Tornado Rips Apart St. Louis Terminal [VIDEO]
I love extreme weather but this is just crazy.   When I am in a airport I normally feel pretty safe.  This just goes to show you how angry Mother Nature can get.  Stick with the video until the :30 second mark...that when things get crazy!  Starts with a couple confused peop…
Tornado Steals Man’s Hamburger in Jackson, Missouri [VIDEO]
Ok, I've been through a couple tornados in my life, but never had one do that much damage to my possesions. But Eric Hubbard from Jackson, Missouri. had his hamburger stolen from the tornado that touched down this past Friday. All the guy wanted was a damn hamburger and now it's in the lan…