West Michigan

Michigan High School Sports Scheduled To Start In The Fall
While schools struggle with in-person or virtual learning, Michigan high school sports are scheduled to start right on schedule. Football practice starts August 10th and other sports start practicing August 12th. New procedures and policies are being crafted now, for students' safety.
MI Kid's Out-of-Control Party
Just by jumping on Facebook and sending out an invite, over 2,000 people showed up to party at this Mecosta County home. The video footage comes complete with one guy still passed out on the floor.
Thick Plastic Stretched Across Road in West Michigan [VIDEO]
What police suspect to be a prank was luckily caught by another driver before it hurt anyone who ventured down Lincoln Road in Kent county. I have to say I am disturbed and irritated that anyone would think that this is funny. I am all about a good joke or prank. But this doesn't fall unde…