We are all familiar with the shortage of workers right now in the service industry. We see the signs at bars and or restaurants, asking us to be patient because the establishment is understaffed.

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Many area bars and restaurants are closed at least one day a week, to give their loyal employees a day off. That is a very kind gesture of course, but one Michigan restaurant owner is taking staff appreciation to the next level with a paid vacation to Puerto Rico.

According to MLive, Theresa Miller, owner of Coty's Landing in Saginaw is taking roughly half of her staff on the trip. Those attending have worked at Coty's Landing between three to five years and some even longer. Can you even imagine?

The trip happens next month for the lucky 18 employees. It kind of makes you think about the perk you get - or don't get at your job. Not everyone gets an annual Christmas bonus, do you get one? Or maybe instead of a bonus you get a poinsettia? I almost think that is more insulting than getting nothing. What do you think?

I for one and happy for the employees that are going on this trip, talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have never been to Coty's Landing, but when I hear a story like this, it definitely makes me want to go and check it out.

If you feel the same way, heads up - Coty's Landing will be closed from January 7th through January 14th. That is when the staff will be enjoying their well-deserved vacation in Puerto Rico.

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