If you have a talking parrot in your house and Amazon echo or dot, you might want to check your orders.

The talking African Grey Parrot named Rocco seems to have a thing for ordering items he likes from Amazon via Alexa. The parrot's owner Marion Wischnewski, who works at the National Animal Welfare and Trust in England took in the bird after visitors complained that the bird was swearing at them. My kinda bird.

Once Rocco was in her home and settled in, Wischnewski noticed items were being delivered from Amazon that she didn't order. Such as watermelons, raisins, and other snacks that Rocco likes. Coincidence? I think not.

Rocco has not only figured out a way to order items that he likes but also tell jokes and play some of his favorite songs while his owner is away from home. Parrot owners beware.

Source: Upi.com

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