The Corner Bar & Grill in Fenton is still open for business, carry-out business that is.

Owner Justin Knight has put together take out family meals for every day of the week. Today is Tuesday, so that means tacos! You can get 12 tacos, for just $24 dollars ($2 a taco). Each taco includes meat, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream, and salsa is included. If you don't need 12 tacos, you can order three for only $6 dollars.

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I ordered the family size deal last week, and it was delicious. With 12 tacos I had plenty for dinner, and lunch the the next day. If you are not in the mood for tacos, the Corner Bar is also serving burgers to go today too. Each burger is served with homemade chips - yum! Hours for carry-out are 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

I will be ordering tacos today, if you do - let me know. Trust me, you will love them. Thank you Justin, and the entire crew at CB.