I am sue the jokes will fly on this one. The transactions I am talking about, are of the LEGAL kind.

If you are shopping for items this holiday season on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or any other online sales page - be cautious of where you meet a seller and a buyer. The Fenton Police Department have offered their lobby for any sales transactions, 24/7.

According to Fenton Police, one Holly woman was given bogus cash during a recent transaction, and a Holly man who met an unknown buyer on Owen Road in Fenton, had a gun pulled on him. Holy hell.

Even if you live in the Flint area (or points beyond), making the drive to Fenton for a secure sale sounds like the right idea to me. The Fenton Police Department is located at 311 S. LeRoy Street. Remember, Christmas is the time for giving, not for getting effed over by some random.

Merry Christmas.



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