It's estimated at any given time, that 34 percent of people online are looking at porno.  The founder of XXX Church is trying to lower that number down to zero.  And now he's going to debate Ron Jeremy, in church.  God Bless America.  So Pastor Craig Gross is leading the crusade against America's addiction to porno. It's the Bible Thumpers Vs. The Pro Humpers.

More addictive than crack

And what better way to fight porn than to debate the king of hardcore, Ron Jeremy.  They are doing just that and they are doing it in a church. ran the original article, saying,

Jeremy and Gross have debated before on college campuses, but this is the first time a church has ever hosted this event.

Even this marker is sexy to Jenna Haze

Porn Addicts crack me up.  I'm pretty sure I don't qualify, or at least I hope I don't.  Even if it is a real addiction I still think it's funny as hell that people spend like 8 hours at a time watching porn.  But I'm totally pro-porn in the big picture. Go get 'em Ron!

You can't take sluts anywhere

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