The Walk With Us movement was born on May 30th, 2020 when Genesee County Police joined with protestors to show the country how real change happens.

When the rest of the country was in disarray after the murder of George Floyd by a Minnesota Police officer. There were violent clashes in cities all throughout the country between protestors and police, but not in Flint. So how did Flint, a city that had been listed as one of the most dangerous in America, find a peaceful way to make change? It all started with Genesee County Sheriff, Chris Swanson and his officers taking time to walk with protestors instead of fighting with them.

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WalkWithUs Facebook
WalkWithUs Facebook

"Walk With Us" started as a statement, but has turned into a rallying cry for Flint.

One year ago, Flint became the shining example for the rest of the country on how community and police relations should be working. Sheriff Swanson has spearheaded the charge to make Walk With Us a movement that the entire country can learn from.

The first of the events was the Walk With Us Christmas Spectacular, where "Blessing Boxes" were given out to Genesee County residents. The boxes were full of items that were meant to be gifted on, so the blessing would continue long past the holiday.

Next, Sheriff Swanson announced the Walk With Us 10K Giveaway. This was an initiative to help people working hard to help Genesee County. Nominations were taken to give two deserving people $5k. Plans changed though when there were so many deserving candidates, so the giveaway morphed into giving 4 residents $2,500.

Now the Walk With Us Day of Service will commemorate the one year anniversary of the movement.

Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson

The Walk With Us Day of Service is happening Sunday May 30th from 12p-6p.

This is a chance for you and your family to join forces with residents from all over Genesee County to make a positive impact. Registration happens in front of the jail in Downtown Flint from 12p-2p. Then everyone will join their team to head out to their assigned project and begin working to make Genesee County a better place.

You can hear Sheriff Swanson talking about what the Day of Service is all about below, or you can call 810-341-5923 for more information.


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