Usually I'm not the guy who gets the drop on things like this, but word on the streets is that Steve Dildarian's hilarious animated show 'The Life and Times of Tim' will return to HBO for it's third season this December.

Being a fan of an underrated show is very difficult sometimes, you always worry it may not return for another season, nobody at work gets your seemingly random references to things from the show, etc. This is especially the case for fans of HBO's brilliant (yet somehow still under the radar) animated comedy 'The Life and Times of Tim'.

Steve Dildarian's awkward workplace comedy was unfairly canceled last year after it's second season at HBO. It's tough for a show to be successful with little to no promotion from the network they're on. I literally heard nothing about this show and accidentally caught it late one night flipping through channels, this was about two weeks prior to the second season premiere. That should give you a pretty good idea of how under-marketed this show has been.

Luckily, HBO had a change of heart after chopping '...Tim' from the lineup and green-lit the show for a third season, which the crew has been hard at work on for several months. HBO has just announced that the third season will air Fridays starting December 16th.

This season fans can expect new episodes featuring awkward showers, coked up sausage salesmen, a hostage situation at a strip club, Stu getting an ass tattoo, and the drunk priest will also be back in an episode involving the New York Jets and a female basketball player -- good times. Confirmed guests for the third season include Penny Marshall, Bob Saget, Paul Scheer, Rob Corddry, Paul F. Tompkins, Horatio Sanz, and more. The regular cast, including the hilarious Nick Kroll, appears to be returning for the season that almost didn't happen as well.

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with 'The Life and Times of Tim' before season 3 kicks off in mid-December. Seasons 1 is now available on DVD at with season 2 becoming available around the time of the season premiere. You can also catch up on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone with the HBO Go App. Bang, Done.