Courtesy of HBO

I am a pop culture junkie. I put in the man-hours so you don't have to sort through a bunch of crap to find out what kind of badassery you have coming at you next year. Read after the jump for more on the criminally underrated 'The Life and Times of  Tim'.

Initially HBO's Eastbound and Down was on this list. I realized nobody needs to be introduced to Kenny Fucking Powers, he does just fine on his own. There is no way of knowing if we will see the third season of that show in 2011 anyway. My next thought was Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 8 premieres in April), but if you aren't watching the brilliance of Larry David already you probably aren't gonna start now. Instead I chose HBO's hilarious poorly animated underdog.

#5.The Life and Times of Tim: This lesser known gem has received very little promotion from HBO in it's two season run, but don't let that deter you from enjoying it. In fact they announced it's cancellation over the summer. After the HBO execs saw how much interest other cable networks like FX and Comedy Central had in the show, they changed their minds. In August they officially green lit the show for it's third season. This came as a huge relief to me because I didn't want to have a watered down censored version of the sometimes raunchy show I have grown to love.

The show follows Tim, an awkward, stuttering nobody who is scraping by on his dead end corporate job. Tim always finds himself in the most embarrassing and idiotic situations and is surrounded by hilarious characters like his arrogant boss, a drunk priest, a hooker, and a wannabe alpha male from Jersey. The show is VERY poorly animated which only adds to the humor.

It shouldn't be very far into the year before we see new episodes of  "...Tim". You probably wont see ads for it but I got your back, I'll keep you posted via this website. You can catch reruns on HBO or get season 1 of the show on DVD. How can you say no to a show that tackles the tough issues like sandwich dancing and bum rape? Here is an all too short clip where Tim attempts to squash an office rumor that he was raped by a homeless guy.