I really hope that this doesn't turn out to be B.S. but according to Keanu Reeves; The Wachowskis have already completed the scripts for two more sequels to "The Matrix"!

The Matrix Trilogy aired on cable this past weekend and I found myself STUCK to the TV. The Matrix and Reloaded are easily in the top ten action and sci-fi films of all time (Revolutions ain't bad either). I was reminded of this when I was unable to change the channel for 6 hours on Saturday night. Sunday I was thinking about the movies all day and spit-balling ideas and realized it would be very easy for the Wachowskis to make several sequels to the trilogy. Late Sunday I caught the end of Revolutions and out of curiosity looked up "Matrix 4". Oddly enough a story had broke three hours prior to my search that the shit is probably gonna happen!

Keanu Reeves spoke to a class at the London International School of Performing Arts about his career to promote a film called Henry's Crime. He revealed (after talking about rumors of the completely unnecessary Bill and Ted 3) that he had met with the Wachowski brothers (well brother and sister now I guess) around Christmas. They told him that they completed script treatments for two more Matrix movies and are going to use Jim Cameron's 3D tech to film them. Finally somebody wants to make some movies that would actually be BETTER in 3D instead of using it just to bump up ticket prices. I would pay big bucks just to see the original trilogy redone in  3D.  Allegedly they also met with Cameron to discuss their thoughts and ideas about how to improve the technology. Keanu added that he is not only willing, but excited to return as Neo and promised the movies are truly going to revolutionize the action genre. They already did that with Matrix 1 and 2 so I can't even imagine them trumping that, but I hope they do. Keanu also spoke about the Wachowskis' upcoming futurisitic take on Robin Hood that was just sold to Warner Bros for $5 million. He revealed that himself and Will Smith (who ironically turned down the role of Neo) have already agreed to star in the film.

Needless to say I'm rocking a full-on nerd boner right now, lets hope it doesn't turn into nerd blue balls. Even if it does: let's keep talking about Matrix sequels until they actually happen. The Wachowskis can't do worse than George Lucas did with the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Hell, there were even some great moments in those mostly mediocre films.