The McRib, the Loch Ness of meat sandwiches, is back once again to double the lines at both McDonald’s locations and cardiologist offices. USA Today has the beef (because Mickey D’s sure doesn’t) about the latest release of America’s favorite McHeartPuncher sandwich.

McDonald’s plans to announce today that the sandwich will be sold at all U.S. locations through Nov. 14. At 500 calories and a whopping 26 grams of fat it’s slightly healthier than the Big Mac (540 calories/29 grams of fat), which is like saying, “if you’re going to get hit by bus, at least let it be an empty bus instead of a heavier one full of people.”

On cue, the world has lost their pork and beans about the McRib being available for mass consumption.

“The barbecue without the bones has inspired a cult following. There is a Facebook group called “Bring Back the McRib!!!” There are Twitter tags, where posts range from “Lucky me, the McRib is back” to “If you eat McRibs, you need to re-evaluate what it is you actually want in life.” There’s the McRib Locator, a website where true believers can report McRib sightings, and even truer believers can take a road trip when one shows up within driving distance.”

We are developing a special McRib smart phone app that that alerts people eating the sandwich exactly when their next of kin are notified about their recent passing.

[Via USA Today]

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