It is time to test your abilities and see if you can escape one of the rooms at Michigan Escape Games with Chris Monroe in under 60 minutes.

I absolutely love escape rooms. There aren't too many left in the area that I haven't done yet. The ones that are left, I want you to help me complete. Sign up below for a chance to join me, Chris Monroe, on one of the following three dates to take on an escape room. If you are picked, you and a friend will join me and a few others as we race against the clock to escape.

I'm looking for three different teams to join me. The team with the fastest time will win prizes and a few other things we have hidden up our sleeves, including a chance at taking on 'The Dwelling.' The dates are:

  • Thursday, December 5th at 6 pm - Meltdown
  • Thursday, December 12th at 6 pm - Steampunk Time Machine
  • Thursday, December 19th at 6 pm - Murder at Bar Noir

Whether you are a pro at escape rooms or have never tried before, sign up now to join me. If you are not entirely sure how the rooms work, get more detail at Michigan Escape Games is at 9023 Davison Road in Davison. The rooms are a blast and the people there are so much fun to work with.

The rooms that you may encounter are Meltdown, Steampunk Time Machine, and Murder at Bar Noir. Check out the descriptions below.

Meltdown: Your tour of a refurbished 1970’s era Nuclear Power Plant is suddenly interrupted when a malfunction occurs within the reactor. Now you’re stuck in the control center, which is in lockdown mode to contain the breach, and you’ve got to get to the core to manually shut it down! Can you gather your wits and stop the meltdown before the reactor reaches critical stage turning you and your friends into radioactive toast? Designed and built to compete with the best Escape Games in the world, this premium escape adventure will immerse you within the story with real-world influenced sets and situational puzzles that could make your team crack under pressure! Meltdown will require 1-2 participants to be able to climb a ladder and crawl or kneel in order to complete the mission.

SteamPunk Time Machine:  Through some strange phenomenon, you’ve been transported to a mysterious room at a London railway station in 1898. Are you industrious enough to use the strange objects and contraptions around you to rebuild the Clockworks for the Time Machine and return to the present, or will you be forever trapped in this room of steam-powered techno-wizardry?

CSI: MURDER! at Bar Noir.: It’s 1931. Prohibition has reached its peak and corruption runs rampant beside a crumbling infrastructure. The bar owners are seen as local heroes, providing life blood to the inhabitants of the big city, but being famous for illegal work carries its own risk. Someone is dead. The cops are closing in and there is only so much time before the secret bar is exposed and all is lost. Can you figure it out in time?

Good luck!