I can honestly say I've never had a good time playing laser tag. It's always in a room the size of a closet and with laser tag gear that never works. I have a feeling my opinion will change when I try Mi-Combat Tactical Laser Tag.

Located in Rochester Hills, Mi-Combat offers ultra-realistic combat experience missions while fighting on a realistic Hollywood set based on the streets of Detroit. According to their website,  you won't have to deal with black lights, cheesy plastic guns, or small crowded rooms. They also offer authentic weapons and stats tracking.

Mi-Combat via Facebook

It sounds like Call of Duty on steroids with incredible sound, lighting and realism. For example, you'll hear dogs barking, a search helicopter overhead, and explosions that rattle your teeth. Dude, this sounds so badass.

Mi-Combat via Facebook

Laser tag doesn't seem all that cheesy anymore.

To find out more about Mi-Combat including hours of operation, rates, age requirements and more, click here.