If you haven't stayed at Soaring Eagle in a while, you definitely should.

Over the weekend, we finally had a chance to check out some of the new rooms at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. The resort put a lot of effort into the recent renovation and that hard work has paid off.

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The new rooms come with a lot of features that will make your stay very enjoyable. The renovations added some great features to the room including things like powered drapes and window shades, a good-sized refrigerator, dual cup coffee pot, motion sensor lights, and more.

When you first walk in, the controls at the door allow you to turn on all the lights in the room. Next to those controls is a simple way to communicate with the hotel staff. Gone are the days of hanging a sign on your door. Now all you have to do is push the do not disturb button or the service button by the door and the corresponding selection will be indicated on your room number in the hall. Also, the room features an amazing piece of art that you see immediately when you walk into the room.

The room itself just looks amazing. There is a huge closet, a large desk, comfortable beds, a beautiful bathroom, and plenty of room. The rooms also feature controls next to the beds to save you from having to get up to change the lights. The "morning" button opens the drapes and turns on the lights. The "Goodnight" button closes the drapes and turns off all the lights. Honestly, I want to have that same technology in my bedroom, it was really convenient.

Check out the photos below of the room. Ignore the shape of the bed covers, they were perfect when we got in there. However, it is impossible not to walk into a fresh hotel room and not immediately do the flop on the bed test. The pictures don't do it justice, check out the room for yourself when you have a chance.

The Newly Renovated Rooms at Soaring Eagle Resort

We finally had a chance to check out the newly renovated rooms at Soaring Eagle Resort and they are awesome.

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